ISBN: 978-3-95623-337-1
Pages: 240

THE NEXT BIG THING debunks a lot of the old (business) school and guru myths about creating a company and leading a fulfilling life. The book is written like a post-gym, locker room chat amongst good friends. Not fluff, very blunt, tactical, practical, proven yet humble. This book takes world-class performance metrics and laces them with everything from boosting the creative process, to gym efficiency, kitchen hacks, happiness, friendship, willpower and dating advice!

Creating a million dollar idea is much like building a house and provides the main structure for this book:

Vision: Where others see a plot of land, you see gamechanging ideas.

Design: Your creativity and imagination allows you to manifest your vision and design your dream.

Secure: Architects, parameters and proven testing variables double-check the stability of your design, and your idea runs through the final check-ups. Will this thing weather a storm?

Construction: Breaking ground and breathing life into your NEXT BIG THING through tactical, practical strategies on productivity, motivation, life hacking, health and daily routines.

Company: You become whoever you spend the most time with! Who is allowed inside your home? 10 blockbuster ideas and the superperforming masterminds behind them are interviewed.

Life: The house is finished, your NEXT BIG THING is up and running, you are surrounded by the right people and its up to you to lead a life of true leadership and honest integrity.