Size: 13x21 cm
Pages: 232

Monique Schwitter a primit  în anul 2015 Schweizer Buchpreis pentru romanul EINS IM ANDERS. Drepturile de traducere s-au vândut în 6 țări.

The main character in Monique Schwitter’s novel undertakes a love quest.

It’s evening. The two children are in bed, and in the next room her husband Philipp is going through the week’s e-mails. The narrator is sitting at her desk – and suddenly feels compelled to look for Peter on the internet: Peter, the name of her first boyfriend. What had become of him? In One Another, the protagonist investigates her life. Having worked as a dramatist and theatre actress, she now attempts to lay bare her own life story; in the process, twelve male characters appear, men she’s met over that lifetime. Some of them are still linked to her, and all are still around. They have names, which distantly recall those of the twelve Apostles. This is still, though, a novel about the real world, and by the end, past and present become almost indistinguishable.

„Love comes and love goes. One merges into the other, one love inside the other.”